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Use your voice to call for new co-op housing development! Send an email now.

Co-op housing is a key solution to many housing and affordability challenges people are experiencing today. And this is being recognized more and more – from new co-op housing developments and expansions to high-profile media stories shining a spotlight on co-ops.

Are we entering a new era of the co-op? Let's hope so. Is co-op housing making a comeback? The cost of housing is a struggle, maybe co-op housing is the answer.

New co-op housing is needed now. To build co-op housing on the scale that is needed, it will take funding and support from all levels of government.

CHF Canada, regional federations (like CHFT), and co-op members and supporters have been calling on the federal government to launch the Co-operative Housing Development Program without delay. Since we launched a letter-writing campaign in January, hundreds of people across the country have taken action.

If you haven’t sent your letter, please take 2 minutes to send your email to the Minister of Housing and your MP through the CHF Canada website.

Together, we can keep up the pressure and start building the next generation of co-op housing.

If you’ve already sent your letter – thank you! You can help keep up the momentum by sharing this campaign widely and encouraging your co-op to pass a resolution.