Serving Co-ops in Durham, Toronto and York Region

Co-op Board Support

Our programs and services are designed to support co-op boards for operational stability, provide sector representation and celebrate their successes.

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Co-op Member Support

We provide our members with opportunity, community engagement and support in following the co-operative principles for a better way of life.

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Search our directory of co-ops in the Durham, Toronto and York regions. We encourage you to contact them directly or check the vacancies and waiting lists.

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Who We Are

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT) is a co-operative association made up of member housing co-ops and related organizations in the Durham, Toronto and York Regions.

CHFT is financed by annual membership dues, fees for services and revenue shared by CHF Canada.

Pictured here is the CHFT Board of Directors for 2024: (L‑R) Kathy Bontje (Treasurer), Labib Chowdhury, Karen Hurley (Corporate Secretary), Sharon Knight-John, Namulinda Lester (President), Cherie Madden, William Molls (Vice-President), Christine Mounsteven, and Skye Tulay (Vice-President).

Meet Our Staff
“I don’t think there is any future unless we build institutions of mutual assistance to guide and unite us in our day-to-day lives. Co-operatives are better than any institution I know to get this job done.”
— Mark Goldblatt, Co-op Leader and Visionary

Our Programs

CHFT Charitable Fund

The CHFT Charitable Fund continues to develop and provide innovative and helpful programs. The funds have assisted hundreds of co-operative members through our various programs.

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CHFT Diversity Scholarship

In 2004, the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto launched the CHFT Diversity Scholarship Program. This program is for people living in CHFT member housing co-ops.

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Co-op Cost Cutters

Co-op Cost Cutters is a buying program with a wide variety of products and services that every co-op can use. The program saves co-ops time and money and strengthens our community.

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Co-op Housing Land Trusts (CHLT)

The purpose of CHLT is to preserve, maintain and secure affordable housing so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of a housing co-operative for years to come.

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CHFT Announcements