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06 Nov 2019

2019 CHFT General Members’ Meeting & Co-op Housing Awards Night

Delegates, members and friends came out in force on a damp, rainy October night to attend CHFT’s General Members’ Meeting and Co-op Housing Awards Night at Oakham House. Achievements in gardening, community development, newsletter production and website design were celebrated. After the meeting everyone enjoyed the reception.

Thank you to everyone who made the night a success including our garden award sponsors, Lewis & Collyer and our reception sponsor, Alterna.

Garden of Distinction Award
91 Spencer Avenue Housing Co-operative
Ann Marie Hill Housing Co-operative
Atahualpa Co-operative Homes
Bamburgh Circle Housing Co-operative
Birtch Place Co-operative Homes
Consideration Co-operative Homes
Don Area Co-operative Homes
Forty-Third Housing Co-operative
ForWard 9 Community Development Co-operative
Grace MacInnis Housing Co-operative
Innstead Co-operative
Kimroy Grove Co-operative Homes
Local 75 Hospitality Workers Housing Co-operative
Lotus Co-operative Homes
Marigold Co-operative Homes
Oak Street Housing Co-operative
Peter Secor Housing Co-operative
Riverdale Co-operative Houses
Scarborough Heights Co-operative
Stanley Knowles Housing Co-operative
Tamil Co-operative Homes
Taylor Creek Co-operative Homes
Windmill Line Co-operative Homes

03 Jul 2019

CHFT Diversity Scholarship 2019

The annual CHFT Scholarship Presentation and fundraising event took place on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. This year CHFT celebrated 33 new scholarship winners. The winners were selected into categories; Dexter Johnston, Joan Miller Success Becomes You, Randy Padmore, Pam McConnell, Mark Goldblatt Leadership and Penny Bethke.

To date, more than $1.5 million has been awarded to over 370 CHFT Diversity Scholarship recipients. 

2019 CHFT Dexter Johnston Scholarship Recipients

2019 CHFT Joan Miller Success Becomes You Scholarship Recipients

2019 CHFT Randy Padmore Scholarship Recipients

2019 CHFT Pam McConnell Scholarship Recipients

2019 CHFT Mark Goldblatt Leadership Scholarship Recipients

2019 CHFT Penny Bethke Scholarship Recipients

Additional Mark Goldblatt Leadership Scholarship recipients were awarded the scholarship from CHF British Columbia and Golden Horseshoe CHF.


We would like to thank all our members and sponsors for making this event possible. Without your generosity this event would not be possible. Congratulations to all the students!







24 May 2019

2019 CHFT Annual Meeting

Congratulations to all the co-ops celebrating anniversaries in 2019!

25th Anniversary Presentation

30th Anniversary Presentation

35th Anniversary Presentation

40th Anniversary Presentation

45th Anniversary Presentation

Congratulations to our 2019/2020 CHFT board of directors! (left to right) Mitch Reiss, Selsabil Rezig, Nanda Nandanakumar, Dawn Obokata, Denese Gascho, Maria Amador, and Karen Hurley (missing from the picture are Juliet Akhadia and Haman Mamdouhi)

Congratulations to the 2019 CHFT Diversity Scholarship Recipients! Click here for a list of names and their co-ops.

Thank you to all our members and friends for making our 45th Annual General Meeting such a success!


06 Nov 2018

2018 CHFT General Members’ Meeting

Garden of Distinction Award

Here is a list of all the Garden of Distinction Award winners: 2 Mascot Place Co-op, 55 Howard Park Co-op91 Spencer Avenue Co-op, Ann Marie Hill Co-op, Bamburgh Circle Co-op, Bogart Creek Co-op, Clintwood Co-op, Consideration Co-op, Constance Hamilton Co-op, Eamon Park Co-op, Grace MacInnis Co-op, Peggy and Andrew Brewin Co-op, Peter Secor Co-op, Scarborough Heights Co-op and Tamil Co-op


Hall of Fame Garden Award

Here are some pictures of the 2018 Hall of Fame Garden Award winners: City Park Co-op, Charles Hastings Co-op, Lawrence Gardens Co-op, Margaret Laurence  Co-op, Swansea Village Co-op, Thurlestone Co-op and Woodsworth Co-op


Individual Garden Award

Here are some pictures of the 2018 Individual Garden Award winners: 55 Howard Park Co-op – Best Flower Garden Runner Up, 91 Spencer Avenue Co-op – Best Vegetable Garden, Bridle Manor Co-op – Best Rooftop Garden Runner Up, Best Combined Garden Runner Up & Hall of Fame, Clintwood Co-op –  Best Flower Garden Winner, Grace MacInnis Co-op – Best Flower Garden Runner Up, Hazelburn Co-op – Best Rooftop Garden Winner, Best Flower Garden Runner Up, Best Combined Garden Winner & Hall of Fame, Peggy and Andrew Brewin Co-op – Best Rooftop Garden Runner Up, Perth Avenue Co-op – Best Vegetable Garden Winner & Hall of Fame, Scarborough Heights Co-op – Best Flower Garden Winner, Best Vegetable Garden Runner Up & Best Combined Garden Runner Up, Tamil Co-op – Best Combined Garden Runner Up & Best Vegetable Garden Runner Up, Windward Co-op – Best Flower Garden Winner & Hall of Fame


Newsletter Award & Website Award

Here is a list of all the runners up for the Best Newsletter: 55 Howard Park Co-op, Bamburgh Circle Co-op, John Fitzpatrick Steelworkers Co-op, Mimico Co-op and Woodsworth Co-op

Here is a list of the Best Newsletter winners: Bogart Creek Co-op, Caroline Co-op and David B. Archer Co-op

Here is a list of the runners up for the Best Website: Norris Crescent Co-op and Woodsworth Co-op

The winner for the Best Website is: John Fitzpatrick Steelworkers Co-op




Brian Burke Community Builder Award – Congratulations Paul Uytenbogaart!


Achievement of the Year Award – Congratulations Diane Frankling Co-op!


Staff Anniversary – Congratulations Mary Ann Hannant for 30 years!


Diane Frankling Youth Award – Congratulations Atkinson Co-op and Tamil Co-op!


Long-term Contribution Award – Congratulations Bamburgh Circle Co-op!


Honorary Lifetime Member Award – Congratulations Bruce Lewis!











2018 CHFT General Members’ Meeting