Tom Clement

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I met Pam McConnell in the late 1970’s at a CHFT meeting. There was a by-election for the CHFT Board of Directors and I am happy to say that I voted for her. She later became the CHFT president and I was hired as member services co-ordinator. I remember to this day how supportive Pam was of me as a new staff member. Pam loved co-op housing. After thirty-five years as an elected politician, she continued to keep co-op housing close to her heart. She cared deeply for the co-op members. She always found a way to attend CHFT events. At our meetings and awards nights Pam presented awards. She was gracious and eloquent presenter She was also a CHFT Honorary Board Member. She was especially thrilled when in 2010 she and her husband Jim received the Century of Co-operation award. Pam was delighted to present scholarships to our young leaders. In June, Pam called me and we talked about co-ops. It was a great and optimistic conversation like every conversation I ever had with Pam.

Tom Clement CHFT - Executive Director July 20, 2017