Sean Gadon

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I’ve known Pam McConnell for over 35 years and she was always leading the call for action. Action that was directed at providing decent and affordable housing for all. In Toronto and across Canada, among her many accomplishments, she was a champion for improving conditions for residents living in social housing and building a stronger co-operative housing movement. She didn’t just “talk the talk” – she “walked the walk”. Her experience was also deeply informed by living and working in co-operative housing and moving into the revitalized Regent Park community. As a Toronto City Councillor she saw that there were childcare centres built, homeless shelters opened, new parks for children, programs to reduce poverty, new affordable and co-operative housing built, poverty reduction measures, and a wide-range of initiatives to support women, children and young people. Like many who knew her I am deeply sadden by her passing. In saying goodbye to such a special and unique local and national champion let us also continue to be inspired by her leadership and passion to work for a better city, a more caring country and justice for all.

Sean Gadon TC Douglas Co-op - Former President July 25, 2017