Cathy Crowe

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One of the last times I saw Jack Layton he was with me as we door knocked at Spruce Court Co-op, Pam’s co-op. I was a candidate, trying to become Pam’s provincial counterpart. The long standing tradition was that she would have taken the candidate around. Why not this time? Why did Jack step in? It was easy to see when we knocked at her unit – there she was with a brand new grand baby in her arms. I’ve often thought of that scene since Pam left us too soon. Her love of family is well known and that love of family included the families of her constituents. As I do social justice walks in the downtown core with students it’s easy to point out her legacy – the new aquatic centre in Regent Park that is free for all to use, Regent Park itself, the new homes for so many immigrants and refugees, the big park in Regent Park. I hope for her sake and for her memory we see lots more co-op housing to come.

Cathy Crowe Windmill Line Co-op Member July 25, 2017