Alexandra Wilson

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I first met Pam long, long ago when I was a volunteer organizer at Bain Apartments, where I lived, and she assumed the same role at Spruce Court, where she lived. I recall that we clashed then, in a way that foretold our separate but complementary careers in relation to co-operative housing, hers as a politician, mine as an administrator. It was only later that I came to appreciate Pam’s truly remarkable talents. She defied the usual formulas for political success, putting her own highly personal stamp on her work and demonstrating extraordinary stamina in the face of any obstacles in her path, including her recent illness. As a member of Toronto City Council, Pam made an inestimable contribution to co-operative housing in the city, working with CHFT to support both new co-ops and those already on the ground, including several far outside the boundaries of her ward. Everyone benefited and we have all lost something incalculable with her death.

Alexandra Wilson The Agency for Co-operative Housing July 20, 2017