2021 Diversity Scholarship Application

Who May Apply?

To be eligible for a Diversity Scholarship, applicants must:

  • live in a CHFT member co-op
  • plan to attend a recognized, publicly funded, Canadian, post-secondary education institution – community college, university or approved apprenticeship-training program on a full-time basis in the 2021/2022 academic year
  • have used their knowledge and understanding of diversity to make a positive contribution to their school and/or local community
  • have demonstrated a financial need.

Students will have to show us

  • they are already registered full time
  • a transcript, showing passing marks for the program
  • accounts with the college or university are up to date.

Starting in second year, several colleges and universities provide additional money to CHFT Diversity Scholarship winners. These scholarships average $3,000 per student. (Please note: Some conditions apply. Recipients’ average must meet standard requirements.)

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory to submit the application.

    PART A - Personal Information

    Be sure to include the unit number if applicable.
    Must be a CHFT member co-op.

    PART B - Education/Work

    PART C - Volunteer Activities

    Please list the 3 most recent volunteer activities you have participated in that promote diversity. It is mandatory to list 3 activities.




    PART D - Essay Upload

    Please upload a short essay (500 words) on the following subject:

    There has been a lot of discussion and turmoil around the world, including Canada, about anti-racism. Things like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission have amplified Canada's history of injustices. Keeping these things in mind, what should the co-op sector be doing to address anti-racism, anti-Indigeneity and all forms of discrimination?

    Reading materials that may assist you:

    Must be a PDF file with a maximum size of 2 MB.

    PART E - Financial Situation

    Please fill in the chart below with approximate amounts. Include all of your expenses and income sources for the upcoming academic year, not including the Diversity Scholarship. Please remember, you are calculating for the entire year and not just the school year. Misrepresentation of your financial situation will result in your application being disqualified.



    PART F - Transcript Upload

    Please attach your transcript as a scanned document (in PDF format).

    Must be a PDF file with a maximum size of 8 MB.

    PART G - Consent & Declaration