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General Manager – Campus Co-Op

General Manager – Campus Co-Operative Residence Inc.

  1. Goal

Campus Cooperative Residences Inc. is a system of 23 member-owned, democratically controlled housing cooperatives providing affordable housing for university students in the Toronto area. The members of the co-operative govern themselves, in part, through the election of a board of directors. The co-operative employs a staff of trained professionals to serve its members in specialized areas.

The General Manager delivers results consistent with the plans, policies, and budgets approved by the member-elected, student-run Board of Directors, and manages operations in compliance with Campus Co-operative’s operating principles. Our operating principles are similar to those found in the Rochdale Co-operative Principles. This involves balancing affordable rental rates, costs, and investments to ensure the long-term sustainability of the housing portfolio and  Campus Co-operative.

  1. Reporting Relationships

The General Manager is responsible to the members of the co-operative, and is supervised by and reports to the Board of Directors elected by them. This will be achieved through regular reporting to the Executive members of the Board along with regular attendance and reporting at Board meetings.

The following positions report directly to the General Manager:

  • Facilities and Maintenance Manager
  • Member Services Coordinator – Admin
  • Finance Coordinator
  • Maintenance and Cleaning staff
  1. Responsibilities
  2. Overall Leadership
  • Provide effective management of the Co-operative, including:
    • overseeing day-to-day operations, activities, and managing
    • directing, advising, and motivating staff.
  • Provide leadership and strategic direction to the organization by assisting the Board of Directors and staff with the annual preparation of
    • The Long-term Business Plan Update
    • The Operating Plan
    • Operating and Capital Budgets.
  • Ensure effective Operations Management through a clear organizational structure, an empowered team and effective processes.
  • Ensure and follow tenets of democratic governance, where if the board have made a decision or the membership achieves a consensus, the decision of the co-op is followed through
  1. Staff Management
  • Manage staff through direct participation in recruiting, training, performance management, and development activities. Maintain human resource practices that comply with policies and regulations.
  • Conduct annual performance reviews of staff with input from co-workers, members or others familiar with the staff’s work.
  • Make recommendations and/or report to the Board of Directors about hiring, rewarding, disciplining, or dismissing employees of the Co-operative and seek legal advice on staff/employment issues as required.

III. Board Reporting

  • Maintain communications with the Board of Directors including responding to inquiries, providing regular reports from all departments, and proactively supporting the Board Meetings.
  • Report and facilitate the reporting of all financial, staffing, performance, accountability, and significant operational affairs to the Board of Directors.
  • Develop policy in conjunction with the Board of Directors, including providing the context and information necessary for the Board of Directors to make well informed decisions. Once developed, implement, monitor and enforce policies passed by the Board of Directors.
  • Work with the Board of Directors to optimize governance of the Co-operative, while collaborating with the general membership to maximize student involvement and input.
  • Track data and identify trends to assist in decision making and budgeting.
  • Offer leadership support to the co-op executive, committees, house board representatives, and house officers.
  • Support and act as a resource to the Board of Directors as required.
  1. Member and Community Relations
  • Strengthen community and co-operative spirit amongst all Members, working with the membership to strengthen cooperative community, member participation, and cooperative democracy within CCRI.
  • Ensure effective and non-discriminatory Member screening, on-boarding and accommodation to deliver a pleasant experience in keeping with the Operating Principles.
  • Ensure safe, healthy, enjoyable, co-operative, and economical accommodations are provided while maintaining the long term integrity of the properties.
  • Where necessary, mediate and resolve conflict between Members, staff, etc.
  • Supporting the membership and board of directors with the arrangement of orientation, town hall, and other division or co-op wide activities.
  • Strengthen the Co-operative’s profile by assisting the membership in liaising with other communities, such as universities and colleges, other cooperatives, the City of Toronto, Annex Residents Association, and neighbours.
  • Actively engage in marketing and promotion of the Campus Co-operative to ensure occupancy and revenue targets are achieved.
  1. Financial & Risk Management
  • Ensure the financial strength and long term viability of the Campus Co-operative.
  • Ensure accounting processes and records are maintained and in compliance with CCRI’s Bylaws and generally accepted accounting principles for Cooperatives. This would include ensuring:
    • financial reports are regularly generated
    • a strong system of internal controls, established by the CCRI Board of Directors, is maintained (i.e. spending limits and financial transparency)
    • separation of duties is maintained, as much as possible, through regular review of tasks, records and reporting.
  • Work with finance staff to ensure effective financial management including:
    • preparation of annual operating and capital budgets
    • forecasting, planning, and managing cash flows, financing, and collections
  • Maintain Occupancy and Member Fee Revenue at levels consistent with the annual budget.
  • Generate alternative revenue sources (authorized by the Board of Directors) to ensure all properties are well maintained and upgraded while keeping members’ fees at favorable levels.
  • Manage legal, banking, insurance coverage, and financing issues (e.g., mortgages, loans, investment of reserves, etc.).
  • Manage risk through regularly identifying, resolving and reporting on any issues that pose a risk to the Co-operative.
  • Conduct an annual review of risks, regulatory compliance, and insurance coverage, present the risk management plan to the Board, and execute the approved plan.
  1. Key Performance Measures
  • Achieve annual operating and capital budgets.
  • Generate targeted alternate sources of revenue.
  • Demonstrated care of properties through property improvements and adherence to annual capital and maintenance plans.
  • Qualitative indicators of performance that include:
    • positive and cooperative accommodation experiences for members
    • satisfied staff
    • positive environment for staff, Board, and Members.
  • Achieve objectives set out by the Board of Directors in policies and strategic and other plans.
  • Completion of an annual performance appraisal process with feedback from Board, Members, and staff.
  1. Experience Required
  • Experience with co-ops and/or other community-based or democratically-run organizations, particularly those run by students
  • Experience in administration for non-profit organizations
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors and committees.
  • A minimum of three years of experience in management, planning and financial oversight.
  • A minimum of three years of experience in personnel management, including hiring, supervision, and evaluation.
  • Leadership experience within a volunteer-driven organization (e.g. volunteer recruitment, training, retention; leadership development).
  • Relevant post-secondary education or equivalent experience.
  • We understand that experience comes in many forms. We’re dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team – so if your experience is somewhat close to what we’re looking for, please consider applying.

Please send cover letter and resume to: jobs@campus.coop

Deadline: Wednesday, February 18, 2023

General Manager – Campus Co-op