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Maintenance Worker

Maintenance Worker; Ann Marie Hill Co-op

Position: Maintenance Worker

Work Week: 25 Hours per week

Reports to Maintenance Manager

The maintenance worker is a support person to the maintenance manager and the co-op

co-ordinator when the maintenance manager is absent.

The Maintenance manager may at times require the assistant maintenance worker to perform other tasks which fall within the framework of this job description.


The maintenance worker will keep complete confidentiality about members and other staff.


  • Cleaning
    • The maintenance worker is responsible for cleaning, according to schedule and need the following areas;
    • Vacant/parking/dumpster areas
    • Compactor room
    • All mechanical, electrical and storage areas
    • Vacant units as needed, including tub, toilet and appliances of vacant unit
  • Groundskeeping
    • Remove snow and ice from common areas walkways and steps; apply ice melter where needed to ensure resident safety
    • Clean grounds regularly
    • Take care of grass, shrubs and trees including watering and pruning
  • Routine Maintenance
    • Replace light bulbs in common areas as needed
    • Maintain equipment used for janitorial/landscaping
    • Ensure garbage disposal is handled properly; assist handicapped members with their garbage drop off needed
  • Repairs and painting
    • Carry out minor repairs as requested in work orders
    • Assist with painting of vacant units and common areas
  • Emergencies
    • Be aware of emergency procedures, fire plan and fire department rules for highrise construction
    • Follow emergency procedures when they happen


  • Work with the maintenance manager to maintain a supply of care-taking and groundskeeping supplies.
  • Receive shipments of janitorial and groundskeeping supplies. Verify accuracy of packing slips of delivered goods.


  • Move appliance in conjunction with maintenance manager as needed
  • Provide access to co-op property to outside contractors and utility companies
  • Assist members who need to borrow landscaping tools\

Interested application, please send a resume to annmariehill@rogers.com by August 12, 2022

Assistant Maintenance Worker – Ann Marie Hill