Lakeshore Gardens Co-op

Lakeshore Gardens Co-op


10 Garnett Janes Rd., #1300, Etobicoke, ON, M8V 3Z2

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One Bedroom Apt. – $820.00 – $837.00 / mth

Two Bedroom Apt & Accessible – $980.00 – $1,078.00 / mth

Two Bedroom Townhouse – $1,062.00 – $1,086.00 / mth

Three Bedroom Apt. Closed – $1,185.00 / mth

Three Bedroom Townhouse Closed – $1,236.00 / mth

Four Bedroom Townhouse Closed – $1,356.00 / mth

Other Information

Lakeshore Gardens is Municipally Funded Co-op administered by staff hired by the Board of Directors. It is comprised of seniors, families and singles and has six one bedroom accessible and six one bedroom adaptable units. The co-op also has a two bedroom, one level accessible townhouse. Current Market Prices include utilities and one cable outlet included. Parking is an extra $ 35· The co-op is in a residential neighbourhood within walking distance to shopping and to the TIC.

Administration: Municipal

Apply for subsidy through Social Housing Connections.