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02 Jun 2016

Syrian Refugee Bulletin No.7 – March 30, 2016

Update on Rouge Valley Co-op Homes
Rouge Valley had their first family of Syrian refugees move into the co-op on February 1. They are a young family with three children under the age of four. The parents are learning ESL (English as a Second Language) with their sponsoring group, which is COSTI Immigrant Services. The co-op has found the whole process very positive. They are looking at bringing in three more families of Syrian refugees.

Syrian Refugee Bulletin No. 7

21 Dec 2015

Board of Directors – 2015

Board-of-DirectorsThese members are the Board of Directors for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto for 2015.

From top left:

Angela Watson – Hickory Tree Co-operative Homes

Domanique Grant – Atkinson Housing Co-operative

Bob Wiseman – CoAction, Main Gerrard Community Development Co-operative – Manager

Katherine Bontje – President, Ramer’s Wood Co-operative Homes

Paul Uytenbogaart – Local 75 Hospitality Workers’ Housing Co-operative

Karyn Moore – Vice-President, Oak Street Housing Co-operative

Front row, from right:

Gabriela Russek – Treasurer, Fred C. Dowling Housing Co-op

Rahima Mulla – Vice-President, Ernescliffe Non Profit Housing Co-op

Nneka Perry – Corporate Secretary, Campden Green Co-operative Homes