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06 Jun 2018

Congratulations Jo-Anne McNamara!

Jo-Anne McNamara will be retiring from her chairing responsibilities. She has been a longtime chair, development consultant and dear friend . CHFT wishes Jo-Anne a heartfelt thank you for all her years of dedicated work.

Jo-Anne as you enter this next phase we wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Jo-Anne with friends and colleagues at her farewell party.

31 May 2018

2018 CHFT Annual Meeting

Congratulations to all the co-ops celebrating anniversaries in 2018!


15th Anniversary Presentation

25th Anniversary Presentation

30th Anniversary Presentation

35th Anniversary Presentation

40th Anniversary Presentation

45th Anniversary Presentation

 Karyn Moore, Katherine Bontje, Angela Watson and Nneka Perry receive their retiring director plaques.

Congratulations to our 2018/2019 CHFT board of directors! (left to right) Selsabil Rezig, Denese Gascho, Nanda Nandanakumar, Mitch Reiss, Domanique Grant, Karen Hurley, Dawn Obokata, Maria Amador, Juliet Akhadia

Congratulations to the 2018 CHFT Diversity Scholarship Recipients! Click here for a list of names and their co-ops.

Thank you to all our members and friends for making this a spectacular event!

31 Oct 2017

2017 Award Winning Gardens

Here are some pictures of the 2017 Garden of Distinction Award Winners.


2 Mascot Place Co-op









91 Spencer Avenue Co-op









Ann Marie Hill Co-op







Arcadia Housing Co-op









Bamburgh Circle Co-op







Bogart Creek Co-op







Charles Darrow Co-op









Clintwood Non-Profit Co-op









Constance Hamilton Co-op













Forty-Third Co-op









Local 75 Hospitality Workers’ Co-op








Lotus Housing Co-op







Margaret Laurence Co-op













Metta Co-op









Mimico Co-op












Norris Crescent Co-op



Oak Street Co-op








Peter Secor Co-op








Riverdale Co-op









Rougemount Co-op









Here are some pictures of the 2017 Hall of Fame Garden Award Winners.

Cawthra Mansions Co-op








City Park Co-op







Heath Street Co-op









Lawrence Gardens Co-op









Marine Heights Co-op









Neilson Creek Co-op









Perth Avenue Co-op







Swansea Village Co-op









Thurlestone Co-op









Here are some pictures of the 2017 Individual Garden Award Winners.

Bridle Manor Co-op – Best Flower Garden & Hall of Fame
















91 Spencer Avenue Co-op – Best Flower Garden Runner Up









ALMISE Co-op – Best Rooftop Garden, Best Combined Garden & Hall of Fame

















Hazelburn Co-op – Best Rooftop Garden & Best Combined Garden Runner Up









Bogart Creek Co-op – Best Vegetable Garden




















Forty –Third Co-op – Best Vegetable Garden Runner Up









Charles Hastings Co-op – Best Rooftop Garden & Hall of Fame
























Harbourside Co-op -Best Flower Garden & Hall of Fame.








26 Oct 2017

2017 CHFT General Members’ Meeting

Garden of Distinction Award












Here is a list of all the Garden of Distinction Award winners: 2 Mascot Place Co-operative Homes, 91 Spencer Avenue Housing Co-operative, Ann Marie Hill Housing Co-operative, Arcadia Housing Co-operative, Bamburgh Circle Housing Co-operative, Bogart Creek Housing Co-operative, Charles Darrow Housing Co-operative, Clintwood Non-Profit Housing Co-operative, Constance Hamilton Housing Co-operative, Forty-Third Housing Co-operative, Local 75 Hospitality Workers’ Housing Co-operative, Lotus Housing Co-operative, Margaret Laurence Housing Co-operative, Metta Housing Co-operative, Mimico Co-operative Homes, Norris Crescent Housing Co-operative, Oak Street Housing Co-operative, Peter Secor Housing Co-operative, Riverdale Co-operative Housing, Rougemount Co-operative Homes


Newsletter Award & Website Award











Here is a list of all the Newsletter Award & Website Award winners: Bogart Creek Housing Co-operative, Best Newsletter. Hugh Garner Housing Co-operative, Best Newsletter Runner Up. Norris Crescent Housing Co-operative, Best Website. John Fitzpatrick Steelworkers Housing Co-operative, Best Website Runner Up.


Brian Burke Community Builder Award






Congratulations Allison Chase!


Achievement of the Year Award













Congratulations Bain Co-operative Apartments!


Hall of Fame Garden Award












Here is a list of all the Hall of Fame Garden Award winners: Cawthra Mansions Co-operative, City Park Co-operative Apartments, Heath Street Housing Co-operative, Lawrence Gardens Housing Co-operative, Marine Heights Co-operative Homes, Neilson Creek Housing Co-operative, Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative, Swansea Village Housing Co-operative, Thurlestone Co-operative


Individual Garden Award












Here is a list of all the Individual Garden Award winners: Bridle Manor Co-operative, Best Flower Garden & Hall of Fame. 91 Spencer Avenue Housing Co-operative, Best Flower Garden Runner Up. ALMISE Co-operative Homes, Best Rooftop Garden, Best Combined Garden & Hall of Fame. Hazelburn Co-operative Homes, Best Rooftop Garden & Best Combined Garden Runner Up. Bogart Creek Housing Co-operative, Best Vegetable Garden. Forty –Third Housing Co-operative, Best Vegetable Garden Runner Up. Charles Hastings Housing Co-operative, Best Rooftop Garden & Hall of Fame. Harbourside Co-operative Homes ,Best Flower Garden & Hall of Fame.


Diane Frankling Youth Award & Living in Diversity Award












Congratulations Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes!


Honorary Lifetime Board Member Award











Congratulations Bob Wiseman!


2017 CHFT General Members’ Meeting
















12 Oct 2017

Century of Co-operation Reception 2017 in Toronto

Congratulations to all of our 2017 recipients from Toronto!