Month: March 2019

20 Mar 2019

Maintenance Worker – Scarborough Bluffs Co-op – Deadline Apr 30th

Scarborough Bluffs Co-operative Inc.
18 Pell Street
Scarborough, M1N 1N1
(416) 267 – 4582 Fax (416) 267-6843

March 2019
Maintenance Worker
Job Description

Work Week: 35 hours per week

Duties & Responsibilities:
The Maintenance Worker reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the following duties and activities:

1. Maintenance:
a) Receive maintenance Work Orders from the Office:
b) Accompany tradespeople when required and consult with the Office
c) Handle maintenance emergencies as directed by the Board and office.

2. Routine Maintenance:
a) Periodically inspect the common areas and storage rooms to ensure that only proper items are stored there and itemize articles to be removed.
b) Periodically inspect all motors, pumps and boilers during the heating season and should have extensive knowledge in the maintenance of boilers and radiators.
c) Ensure that the Office is informed on the nature of repairs such as vandalism, normal and preventive maintenance. Should implement and monitor a clear and concise preventative maintenance log for the Co-op.
d) Basic repairs and alteration in response to Work Orders-carpentry, painting, plumbing and windows.
e) Accompany service people, government officials, meter readers, while in buildings. Also able to work with the maintenance committee for general maintenance overview.

3. Cleaning:
a) Garbage Manage-regular cleaning of garbage sheds, recycle bins and common area garbage cans

4. Snow Removal:
a) All sidewalks and walkways if necessary

5. Administration:
a) Return all completed Work Orders to the Office
b) Keep inventory- equipment, tools
c) Supply the Office with a list of materials and supplies that needs to be ordered. Complete the Order Form to be faxed by the office.
d) Receive materials/supplies/appliances
e) Perform such other related duties as directed (which are not included in this job description), by the Board.
f) All overtime work must have prior approval from the Board.

Application deadline April 30th, 2019

The Maintenance worker takes instructions from the Board of Directors.
The Work Orders must be in writing.

Maintenance Worker – Scarborough Bluffs Co-op

19 Mar 2019

Kilcooley Gardens Co-op


2339 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1B7

Contact information

(416) 259-4912

 (647) 342-2070


Unit information

Two Bedroom – / mth

Three Bedroom – / mth

Four Bedroom – /mth

Other Information

Administration: Federal