2017 CHFT General Members’ Meeting

2017 CHFT General Members’ Meeting

Garden of Distinction Award












Here is a list of all the Garden of Distinction Award winners: 2 Mascot Place Co-operative Homes, 91 Spencer Avenue Housing Co-operative, Ann Marie Hill Housing Co-operative, Arcadia Housing Co-operative, Bamburgh Circle Housing Co-operative, Bogart Creek Housing Co-operative, Charles Darrow Housing Co-operative, Clintwood Non-Profit Housing Co-operative, Constance Hamilton Housing Co-operative, Forty-Third Housing Co-operative, Local 75 Hospitality Workers’ Housing Co-operative, Lotus Housing Co-operative, Margaret Laurence Housing Co-operative, Metta Housing Co-operative, Mimico Co-operative Homes, Norris Crescent Housing Co-operative, Oak Street Housing Co-operative, Peter Secor Housing Co-operative, Riverdale Co-operative Housing, Rougemount Co-operative Homes


Newsletter Award & Website Award











Here is a list of all the Newsletter Award & Website Award winners: Bogart Creek Housing Co-operative, Best Newsletter. Hugh Garner Housing Co-operative, Best Newsletter Runner Up. Norris Crescent Housing Co-operative, Best Website. John Fitzpatrick Steelworkers Housing Co-operative, Best Website Runner Up.


Brian Burke Community Builder Award






Congratulations Allison Chase!


Achievement of the Year Award













Congratulations Bain Co-operative Apartments!


Hall of Fame Garden Award












Here is a list of all the Hall of Fame Garden Award winners: Cawthra Mansions Co-operative, City Park Co-operative Apartments, Heath Street Housing Co-operative, Lawrence Gardens Housing Co-operative, Marine Heights Co-operative Homes, Neilson Creek Housing Co-operative, Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative, Swansea Village Housing Co-operative, Thurlestone Co-operative


Individual Garden Award












Here is a list of all the Individual Garden Award winners: Bridle Manor Co-operative, Best Flower Garden & Hall of Fame. 91 Spencer Avenue Housing Co-operative, Best Flower Garden Runner Up. ALMISE Co-operative Homes, Best Rooftop Garden, Best Combined Garden & Hall of Fame. Hazelburn Co-operative Homes, Best Rooftop Garden & Best Combined Garden Runner Up. Bogart Creek Housing Co-operative, Best Vegetable Garden. Forty –Third Housing Co-operative, Best Vegetable Garden Runner Up. Charles Hastings Housing Co-operative, Best Rooftop Garden & Hall of Fame. Harbourside Co-operative Homes ,Best Flower Garden & Hall of Fame.


Diane Frankling Youth Award & Living in Diversity Award












Congratulations Diane Frankling Co-operative Homes!


Honorary Lifetime Board Member Award











Congratulations Bob Wiseman!


2017 CHFT General Members’ Meeting